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Monday, October 04, 2004

Heinz-Kerry opens her mouth again

Teresa-Heinz Kerry or is it Michael Moore in drag, expressed her insight into world affairs last night during on her husband's campaign trail. "No American boy or girl should lose their lives for oil," she said. Eluding that this nations brave men and women who are dedicated to protecting this country are but mere pawns in a grab for oil. One must ask if she is truly deceived or a deceiver, it IS one or the other. She is either foolish enough to believe what is not true or knows that it is not true and is deceiving the American people by stating untruths in her attempt to further slander the President. One must also ask this same question of her husband. He is either deceived or he is a deceiver . If he is deceived in believing this despicable claim then he is unfit to lead this nation. If he knows this is not true and yet continues the propagation of such a lie, he is unfit for the Office and even worse a threat to the American people. He has not corrected his wife and he indicated his agreement when in the debate he said, "The only building that was guarded when the troops when into Baghdad was the oil ministry." So which is it, deceived or deceiver, it IS one or the other .
"The Taliban is back running Afghanistan," Heinz Kerry said. Perhaps someone needs to tell the 10 million Afgani's that will soon be voting and our troops there who are unaware of this new secret information. Does Teresa have a secret CIA source who gives her this information, could it be the same CIA agent who gave her husband the treasured secret hat he keeps in his briefcase? Politics are politics but at a time of war and with the enemies this nation faces, foolishness or deception is intolerable.

Proverbs 19:14 Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the LORD .


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