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Friday, October 15, 2004

Hewitt's ~Weekend Symposium 3 question

The question : How deep a hole have John Kerry, Mary Beth Cahill and the Edwards dug for themselves? How lasting the damage? ~ Hugh Hewitt

Kerry and Edwards continue to reveal the nature of their character and just the type of men they are by their blatant disregard for decency in this election. It really goes to the heart of the poor judgment Kerry maintains in his "gut" as history has shown in his anti-soldier campaign on returning from Vietnam and his voting record on defense and vital issues that strengthen America in which he voted to reduce. And now the continued poor judgment in his campaign. The American people do not want a President especially in these dangerous times ,that shows poor, weak judgment. I believe the vast majority of American's want a decent man as their leader. The Kerry campaign stooping to use Mary Cheney as a pawn in the campaign reveals their desperation, the American people are smart enough to see this.
A woman I work asked me the day after the 3rd debate if I had watched it. She told me she had been undecided in who to vote for, until she watched the 3rd debate. She told me she has decided to vote for Bush, not just because "he makes more sense" on the issues, but because she just does not like John Kerry. The 3rd debate cemented in her mind her dislike for Kerry. People just do not like John Kerry. I doubt my co-worker was the only undecided voter who felt this way, and it was a nail in the coffin for Kerry for many.

The sole reason Kerry brought up the sexual life of Mary Cheney was that the campaign hoped to remind those voter's that could be negatively affected by the fact she is lesbian, to not vote for Bush because his Vice President has a lesbian daughter. As Mrs... Cheney said, "..this is not a good man..." and she is right. He is a desperate man. And America knows it.

Before the debate took place I offered up the following prayer for the debate:

Father ~We lift up tonight's debate to You. I ask that Your Hand will be upon each man and that the listener's to these two men will clearly hear and see the differences between them in their desire to govern this nation. I ask that You will reveal each man for what he is and who he is, and whose he is. We know Lord that Your will, will be done despite 'words'...We ask for Your gracious mercy on this country, we ask that there will be a turning of hearts to You. We thank You that You are involved in the affairs of men and Your heart is always to hold back judgement and restore. May You use the righteous man who seeks You to hold the line in this country. May You annoint that man by the power of Your Holy Spirit, with wisdom and discernment for this evening and the many days to come. Amen

I believe my prayer was answered.


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