"Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares.." Proverbs 1:20

Saturday, November 13, 2004

~Prayer for Dick Cheney~

Vice President is undergoing tests for difficulty breathing which may be related to a recent cold, but with his history of heart problems in mind may this prayer be raised up on his behalf:

We thank You that You love Dick Cheney, You made him and You have allowed him in the position in this life that he holds, we thank You that You are working in his life. We ask that You will bring healing to his body, we ask that You will work through the medications he receives from the doctors, we ask that You give him rest after the past grueling year of campaigning that was hard and a strain on all involved. We ask that Your purposes and will would be done in his life. We ask that if he does not know You that You will draw him to Yourself, even using his health issues to do so. I ask that You will flood his heart with the knowledge of how much You love him. We ask for Your continued covering upon this administration, that those in this administration will continue to seek You and the good of this nation and the good of the nations we are involved with. Thank You that You hear us when we talk to You in prayer, that You bend Your ear to all who call upon You.... Amen.


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