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Monday, November 08, 2004

Why President Bush won

"No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD , and this is their vindication from me," declares the LORD ".

The attacks against George W. Bush came from all sides. The Media, the “Global” community, hatemongering folks who spent multimillions of dollars and endless hours of time and energy throwing bombs and poisonous darts of lie after lie after lie at him, yet they could not defeat him. George W. Bush is a good man and his purposes are noble and they are driven by his desire to do that which is right and good. The American people know this. They trust him because~ he is trustworthy.

Believing that the Almighty God is involved in the affairs of men we know that He raises up leaders and He brings them down, for His good purposes. Sometimes we cannot see His purposes and other times His purposes are clear as a bell. God placed George W. Bush as the leader of the United States at this time in history “for such a time as this” back in 2000 and here in 2004 it is still “for such a time as this”. It is clear as a bell. I believe the President knows this and this is where he gains his strength and unwavering resolve to serve this nation as he serves the One who desires to use him as a tool in His Hand in the affairs of men.

I believe there was much prayer that was covering George W .Bush in this election, the gates of heaven were stormed on his behalf and on behalf of this country, that goodness and righteousness would prevail in this election. I myself have battled in prayer for him for over a year-and the mandate I felt placed upon me by the Lord to pray for Bush was a task I felt as a high privilege and honor and one I felt compelled to not neglect. There have only been three people in my life that I have felt so strongly driven to pray for and George W. Bush is one of the three.

Nothing could defeat him in this election because as my opening Scripture states, “No weapon forged against him would prevail”…in other words, “if God be for you , who can be against you”…God’s will and purposes will not be hindered or stopped. I believe the enemy was determined to defeat Bush, but the battle was won for this administration on our knee’s.

May God bless our President, may He strengthen him with all good Power from on high. May He use George W. Bush for His own purposes and may He use the President as a tool in His Hand for the nations . May the President be salt , that preserving element that slows the decay of the moral drift. May God protect him physically and spiritually.

It is an awesome feeling to know I played a part in history, even if my name is never known or should I perish tomorrow. I believe my prayers along with the prayers of many , many others made a difference in this time in history. For this nation, for this President. We prayed that God would stir up His people and get them out to vote, we prayed for His Hand on this President…and He answered.

I will continue to pray for President Bush~ for …4 more years.


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